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Teaching one-on-one traditional drafting techniques and freehand concept and sketching techniques for Students and Architects in your home or workspace.

This site is about preserving traditional architect hand drawing techniques from the onslaught of CAD and electronic technology imperatives

Contract manual drafting, freehand sketching and hand rendering the old way - contact me

link to my personal art/painting/sculpture/drawing site ron.mcbeth.com.au

Selected books from my library I like about drawing, architecture & art

(book) The Virtual Dimension(book) Architecture and Its Image (book) Drawing & Percieving (book) Pencil Sketching (book) Between Two Towers: School of Miami

(book) Drawing the Form of Nature - Marion Mahony Griffin (book) Parallax - Steven Holl (book) Dictionary of  Architecture (book) Architectural Study Drawings (book) Sanctuaries - Hejduk (book) Pewter Wings Golden Horns Stone Veils - Hejduk (book) Between Ruin & Renewal - Egon Schiele's Lansdscapes

(book) Contested Symmetries and Other Predicaments in Architecture - Preston Scott Cohene (book) The Best of Sketching and Drawing (book) Not Architecture But Evidence That It Exists (book) Perspective Made Easy - Norling (book) Drawing: Space, Form, and Expression (book) Marker magic (book) Lines: No Fire Could Burn

(book) Visual Notes (book) Fantasy Architecture: 1500-2036 (book) Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines (book) Art Works - Ken Wooley (book) Art of Architectural Illustration (book) Best of Watercolor: Painting Light & Shadow (book) Painting Water

(book) Villas of Palladio (book) Written in Water (book) The Storm and the Fall (book) Aldo Rossi - Drawings 1990-97 (book) Architecture Color Drawing

(book) The Elements of Color - Itten (book) Paint Watercolors That Dance with Light (book) Drawing A Contemporary Approach (book) Understanding Architecture (book) Raw Colour with Pastels(book) Egon Schiele: Lauder & Sabarsky Collections

(book) Infinite Possibilities 20th-Century Drawings (book) Gustav Klimt: 100 Drawing (book) Eva Hesse: Drawing(book) Wolf Kahn: Pastels(book) Space: Japanese Design Solutions (book) Thinking with Type

(book) Elements of Drawing - Ruskin (book) Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition (book) Gustav Klimt: Drawings & Watercolors (book) Architecture After Geometry (book) Vitamin D (book) Mediterranean Villages

(book) The Drawing Book: A Survey Of Drawing (book) The Projective Cast (book) Freehand Drawing (book) Analysing Architecture (book) Architectural Representation (book) Milton Avery: The Late Paintings

(book) Architectural Composition (book) Design Drawing (book) Envisioning Architecture (book) Architectural Representation Handbook (book) Desigb Drawing Experiences (book) Le Modulor

(book) Freehand Sketching (book) Design Drawing (book) Freehand Perspective (book) Crisp Drawing to Architecture (book) Changing Avant-Garde (book) Composite Drawing (book) Drawing Right Side Brain (book) Proportion (book) Precedents in Architecture (book) Architectural drawing (book) Architectural Graphics

freehand sketching - 2D & 3D - perspective - paraline

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