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Teaching one-on-one traditional drafting techniques, freehand concept and sketching techniques for Students and Architects in your home or workspace.

This site is about preserving traditional architect hand drawing techniques from the onslaught of CAD and electronic technology imperatives

Contract manual drafting, freehand sketching and hand rendering the old way - contact me

link to my personal art/painting/sculpture/drawing site ron.mcbeth.com.au

My name is Ron Mc Beth and my company art+architecture has been my joy since 1981.

I pursue all things drawn, both new and old, particularly freehand and "old-style" intuitive manual drawing using drawing boards, the beautiful relics of architecture.

"Take the line for a walk"...Paul Klee

EXPERIENCE & ATTITUDE: lots! Inquiry, enthusiasm, application and joy and wonder in all things.......

Architect, bachelor graduate from University New South Wales 1971, Certificate IV in Workplace training & Assessment past lecturer at Raffles College (Interior Design) levels 1-2-3 in Architectural Drafting and Perspective Drawing & Rendering, sculptor, painter, ecologically sound property developer and more.

In history, been a Project Manager/Director, Head Schools Section ACT Federal Government, National Design Manager Chase Corporation Aust.(Developers), private practice architect and own Design & Construct building company, surveyor on numerous archaeological digs in Italy, and so on...in a word, entrepreneurial.

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Turramurra flowers
me ron mcbeth - hand rectangle
ex-studio spiral stairs
ex-studio in Woolloomooloo, Sydney
me ron mcbeth surveying I Fani, Italy 1990

freehand sketching - 2D & 3D - perspective - paraline

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